Taiwanese Company is intimidating to take legal action against the Apple iPad trademark for $1.5 billion, previous agreement claims to sell the 済lobal trademarkwas not included rights of trademark for the market of China.
Proview, a Taiwanese contract maker of flat screens, states that it reserved its privileges to the trademark of iPad in China, however according to the Financial Times – it sold out the 済lobal trademarkin 2006 to Apple. Proview, many years ago, tried ineffectively for marking of an iPad table PC, but since have discarded the project.
Caixin a news site of China reports that the company wants from Apple about the amount of CNY10 billion (up to $1.5 billion).
Chairman of Proview Yang Rongshan said- e will take legal action for damages in US and in China
Reports says, database of trademark show that in between the 2000 and 2004. It is registered by Proview that iPad trademark in he EU, Mexico, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.In March, from fujitsu Apple bought the US iPad Trademark.
In 2006, Taiwanese Proview Electronics agreed to sell the iPad brand for $55,000 to a company known as IP Application Development, with no idea that company has a connection to Apple- says Yang.
Yang states that the deal of 2006 was not included with Chinese rights to the owned trademark by Proview Technology, an associate of Proview International that is grouped in Hong Cong.
淎pple is arrogant and just ignored our rights and move ahead to sell the iPad in the market, we will go up against with that,Yang said.
淢oreover, we are financially weak and trademark is an important asset by, which it could help us to sort out from that problem./p>
Proview Shenzhen (Technology0, ig financial problemmeans defaulting by a Chinese group of creator bank can seize the loans of worth $400 million.
Apple argues that the agreement of 2006 should comprise the rights of Chinese trademark and get succeeded in winning beginning sanctions Proview of blocking from selling out the name of iPad, although the cases are recently pending. Still Proview registered in China as possessing trademark of two iPad that has been registered- Financial Times, reported.
Dispute in iPad trademark could obscure Apple efforts to develop in China. IPad Officially released in China on September 17, with many of buyers waiting up outside the retail stores of Apple. On Tuesday, it revealed a Chinese online store with Chinese language App Store and no cost shipping that surely add significance to sales of iPad, iPad and iPhone in China.