Apple Brings New OS X Lion Software for the Mac Users
Apple has launched a new Mac Operating System Lion that contains more than 250 features. This new Operating System Lion by Apple is on sale and is following the third quarter net profit of $7.31 billion, up 125%.
This new OS X Lion can be downloaded by Mac users for $38.99 from the Mac App Store and has been sleeted as a 済iant stepin the merger of personal computers and mobile devices like the Smartphone and tablets.
The New York Times saw many iPad style features in what it calls a 渟hake upand a 渞adicalupgrade. One of the radical twists is that the new OS is downloading only; it only a 4GB download.
This new OS X Lion needed 2 GB of memory and 7 GB of available space; it has got the multi touch gesture, including the pinch zoom, swipe to switch between applications, and swipe to mission control, a feature that allow the full screen view of the whole system.
It has also got the facility of inverse scrolling, with which a user can scroll up to go down a page. This feature has received uncertain reviews in the tech world.
Resume is another feature of Lion where apps reopen from where the user left off and Auto save, which automatically saves after every five minutes or during pauses.
The Mail feature is described as the 渨hile new take on emailby Apple. It has a wide screen view, full height messages and a list that includes snippets.
Reports say that the upgrade to Lion from Snow Leopard can be a slow journey, with half hour speeds on fast connections. However Apple has apparently said that its store will help users with the download and would sell Lion on a USB drive for $69 in August.
Source: iPad News – Apple Brings New OS X Lion Software for the Mac Users