Foxconn wants exclusive manufacturing rights for the iPad 3
With rumors circulating where your next iPad 3 may be manufactured, it seems that Foxconn has gotten a bit wary about Pegatron being added as a possible new manufacturer for Apple’s iPad 3 tablets. Foxconn wants to remain tightly linked to Apple as their sole tablet manufacturer throughout the rest of 2011 and beyond.
Even though Foxconn often makes the news for employees leaking Apple device secrets before their release date, and continues to be plagued by employee suicides, they have remained loyal and committed to Apple.
Foxconn Is Not Taking These Rumors Lightly
Maybe Apple doesn’t want some of Foxconn’s bad light shed on them for working conditions or other factors associated with the suicides; or maybe they are simply preparing for some big releases and want to make sure that their fans have an ample and steady stream of devices the day they are released to the public.
Whatever the reason is, Foxconn has not taken the information floating around the web lightly, and they plan to do everything possible to prevent Pegatron (or any other manufacturer) from picking up orders for Apple’s iPad 3. Rumors are suggesting that Foxconn is currently in talks with Apple to try and remain their only manufacturer and that they can fully support the new tablets output by themselves.
iPad 3 Demand Will Exceed that of the iPad 2
Anyone would be delighted to manufacture for Apple because that means consistent and plentiful product demand that keeps production lines cranking out nonstop. You Apple fans sure create some hefty demand quotas!
Foxconn has the right to be worried, because according to a recent publication by AppleInsider, Pegatron has also been inquiring on potential orders for Apple devices in 2012. As we reported yesterday, rumors are that Pegatron already has iPhone 5 orders in the works and may be closer to coming onboard with Apple. This has caused Foxconn to question their exclusivity with Apple, the iPad 3 and future tablets.